School Handbook

Principal's Message

Welcome to East Wiltshire Intermediate School.  This is a great school in which to learn and work.  We offer a wide range of activities that provide an opportunity for everyone to have a fun and valuable experience to compliment the incredible learning which takes place.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many different aspects of school life at East Wiltshire and to make this their best year yet.  Parents and guardians should feel welcome to contact the school at anytime, and we will do our best to make everyone feel that he/she is part of a great school community.

Mission Statement

The staff, students, and community of East Wiltshire School, in conjunction with the Public Schools Branch, share the responsibility to provide for the intellectual, physical, and social growth of our students within a secure environment.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

I have the RIGHT to learn in this school.  

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to listen, to learn, to practise, to complete school assignments and to graciously accept assistance when necessary.  I will not disturb, disrupt, or interfere with the instruction of my teachers and/or the learning of fellow classmates. It is my RESPONSIBILITY to come to class prepared with the necessary learning materials.

I have the RIGHT to hear and be heard.  

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to help maintain a calm, peaceful and quiet school.  For example, I will not interrupt, shout, or make rude noises when others are speaking.

I have the RIGHT to be respected in this school.  

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to treat others with polite consideration.  For example, I will not bully, laugh at, tease, or put down other students, staff or adults.

I have the RIGHT to be safe in this school.  

It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to harass, threaten or harm others verbally, physically, emotionally, or sexually.

I have the RIGHT to privacy and to my own personal space.  

It is my RESPONSIBILITY to respect the personal property of others and to accept their right to privacy.

Extra Curricular Activities

EWS offers a combination of club, extra curricular and intramural team activities which are run before or after school.  Both involve competition as well as skill development.  The clubs involve unlimited numbers to maximize participation opportunities for all students.  The clubs and teams offered here may be changed from year to year in order to provide a well-balanced variety.  Involvement in these areas will greatly add to the student’s school year.

When participating in any extra-curricular activity, all rules of the school apply and, in addition, students are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship, fair play, and respect.  When students represent EWS in any activity with another school or before the public, they must always remember that they are goodwill ambassadors for the school and must act appropriately.   East Wiltshire staff volunteer their time for these clubs.  If students are absent from school, they are not able to participate in the activity for that day.

High Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are not allowed in any school in the PSB.  Energy drinks brought into EWS will be confiscated.  These drinks such as Red Bull, Full Throttle, Venom, Adrenaline Rush, Rock Star, Peace Tea, etc., are designed for adult use, and according to the PEI Medical Association are unsafe for student consumption, potentially causing dizziness, increased blood pressure, heart irregularity, and addiction.

Scent Free

Many students and staff are sensitive or allergic to strongly scented personal grooming products.  In accordance with the PSB’S Policy, please refrain from wearing scented products both in school and on the busses, in order to maintain a healthy environment for all.

Peanut-Free School Policy

Several students in our school have severe, life-threatening allergies to peanut butter, peanuts, and nut containing products.  East Wiltshire Intermediate school will be entirely peanut/nut free.


PowerSchool is a new data management software package that is replacing SAS.  PowerSchool is web-based, and will be the location where teachers input attendance, assignments and marks throughout the school year.  Students will aslo have access to PowerSchool, but that will happen later as well.


Students are expected to complete their homework on a regular day-to-day basis.  This is a very important step toward their academic success.  If students are not able to complete assignments or homework on time, they can attend the assignment room at lunch.

Hockey Academy

The staff, students, and community of East Wiltshire School are very excited about offering a Hockey Canada Skills Academy at our school again this fall.

This program will be offered to a maximum of 30 skaters and four goaltenders.  It will take place one afternoon a week, beginning in October and ending in March, for a total of 24 weeks.  The Hockey Canada Skills program will be open to all students (male or female), as well as beginning players and advanced players.  The program is intended for athletes who want to improve their fitness levels and playing abilities through skills specific training.  For some of our students this means that they will be introduced to the sport for the first time, while others will have an opportunity to possibly re-enter a sport they have left for various reasons.  Finally, our experienced players will receive enhanced training and instruction. Our research has shown that this type of program is a successful environment to engage youth at risk.

Our students will be exposed to important developmental skills of the game along with gaining valuable experiences in the areas of leadership, goal-setting, self-esteem, character development, nutrition, and fitness.  The objective of the East Wiltshire Hockey Canada Skills Program is to provide students with opportunities to receive formalized hockey training in an academic setting with a strong commitment to achievement in both areas.  It is our belief that students participating in this program benefit in many ways.

Being able to offer a program in an academic setting is exciting for both our school and our community at large.  We look forward to partnering once again with Hockey Canada, Hockey PEI, North River Minor Hockey Association, and the Public Schools Branch.

Students missing class for Hockey Academy are responsible for work missed.

Home and School

The East Wiltshire Home & School Association invites all parents to become involved in their Association.  The Association meets 4-5 times per year, beginning in October.  Meetings usually begin at 7:00 p.m.

The Home & School deals with issues related to the supporting of students, staff, and the administration in order to improve the learning opportunities for students.  Notice of all meetings will be posted in our announcements as well as e-mailed to all parents.  The role of the Association within the school community is constantly evolving.  We invite you to become involved.

Daily Routines

In the morning, and at the end of lunch hour, students should proceed immediately to their lockers to get the books needed for the classes they will have for that half of the day.  They are then to go directly to class.

Students arriving at school before 8:35 a.m. are to proceed immediately to their cafeteria until permitted to proceed to their lockers at 8:35 a.m.  

Students who are late for school must report to the office to sign in before going to class.

When a student has an appointment or must leave during the school day, the main office must receive written or phone permission from the student’s parent/guardian.  The student must be signed out in the main office.

Grade 8 & 9 students may leave school property at noon hour, if they have had the LEAVING SCHOOL PROPERTY consent form signed by their parents/guardians.

At lunchtime, students are to eat in the cafeteria.  When buying food, students are requested to line up in a single file.  When finished eating, they are to make sure that they have cleaned up so others can use the area after them.  NO FOOD OR DRINK IS PERMITTED OUTSIDE CAFETERIAS EXCEPT UNDER SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

During lunchtime, students ARE NOT to be in the classroom areas of the school.  

Students are only permitted to be at the school following afternoon bus departure if they are involved in a staff-supervised activity or with the permission of the administration.

East Wiltshire Morning Announcements

Morning announcements are published daily on the school webpage.  Copies are emailed to all classes each morning and are available on-line at and follow the links to announcements. Printed copies of announcements are posted in various locations around the school each day.

Public Schools Branch Information

Information on the Board of Directors of the PSB can be found by going to the Public Schools Branch webpage

School Busses

Students are reminded of the following rules:

  • The driver is in complete charge of the bus and students.  The driver’s instructions are to be obeyed.
  • Do not talk to the driver when the bus is in operation.  Conversation in normal tones is permitted between students.
  • Keep any seat that may be assigned to you by the driver; do not stand or move about while the bus is in motion.
  • Do not extend hands, arms or head out the bus windows or throw articles from the bus.
  • Assist in keeping the bus safe and clean.  Damages to seats, etc., must be paid for by the offender.
  • Learn how to get off the bus quickly in case of emergency.
  • After leaving the bus, cross the road at a point at least ten feet in front of the bus.
  • Walk well over to the left side of the road when coming to meet the bus or when returning home.
  • The bus cannot wait for late comers.  Please be on time.
  • Use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on the school bus.
  • The aisle of the bus must be unobstructed at all times.
  • Causing a disturbance or harassing any other student while entering, leaving or traveling on the school bus will not be tolerated.
  • You must be in attendance in school in order to travel on the bus.
  • These regulations apply both during the day and for extra-curricular activities.
  • You must travel on the bus to which you have been assigned unless you have a bus transfer permission slip from the school administrator.
  • Violation of any of the above regulations may result in your losing the privilege of travelling on the bus for a period of time
School Closure

School Cancellation:  If schools are to be cancelled, parents will be notified by radio announcements on all local stations.  The first notice will be broadcast by 7:00 am.

One Hour Delay:  In cases where a decision cannot be made a one-hour delay will be announced.  This means that all schools and busses will operate an hour later than the usual time.  A further announcement regarding delays will take place by 8:00 a.m.

Late Bus Runs:  In some instances even in good weather, busses may be delayed.  In these cases parents will be notified by radio that a bus or busses will be delayed by a specific amount of time.

School Closure during the Day: In some instances, it is necessary to close schools during the day in order to get students home before weather conditions become too severe.  In such cases, announcements will be made on all local radio stations.  Parents who will not be home when students arrive should make alternate arrangements for their son/daughter on such days.

Injury or Sickness

Students who become ill during the school day are to report to the office.  If the illness is severe, parents/guardians will be contacted and asked to come to the school for the student.  If the student is not sick enough to go home, then he/she is to return to class.  Students are not allowed to loiter in the washroom if they are ill.  Loitering in the washroom will be considered skipping.  In cases of serious injury, an attempt will be made immediately to have the student receive medical attention.  We will attempt to contact a parent/guardian.  Our school is not equipped to care for students who are seriously ill.


All visitors to the school property during the school day must report to the main office.


Textbooks will be provided for the appropriate subject areas.  Students must accept full financial responsibility for damage or loss of provided textbooks or materials.


Every student will be provided with an individual locker.  Students will be provided with a lock for their locker and must use a school lock.  In the interest of safety, locker doors must be closed when not in use.  Student lockers are the property of the school.  From time to time, locker searches may be carried out by the administration to ensure that proper use is being made of the lockers.

Lost and Found

During physical education classes, all valuables are to be left in the student’s locker or locked in a gym locker.  Students should bring a lock during the gym period or during intramurals.  

Elevator Use

East Wiltshire School is fortunate to have an elevator.  The elevator is designed for use by students and staff who are in need of physical assistance.  Students must receive staff permission in order to use the elevator and can only be accompanied by one other student.

Student Council

Each class will be asked to choose one student to represent them on the Student Council.  The Student Council acts as the student voice in the initiation and development of student activities.  The executive will consist of a president and vice-president (elected from the grade nine classes).  Election of the executive will take place early in the school year.

School Counselling

Counselling services are provided to assist students to get maximum benefit and satisfaction from their years in this school. It may require no more than placement in a program best suited to their needs, or it may involve helping to make necessary choices or decisions – personal, educational, social, or vocational.  We encourage students and their parents to access the services of our school counsellors when and if necessary.

Multi-Agency Support Team (M.A.S.T.)

EWS is fortunate to have a MAST team available to the students and their parents/guardians as a support for the school counsellors and administration.  Representatives from Community Mental Health, Child and Family Services, Community Services and the Attorney General, as well as other agencies when required and available, meet at the school on a bi-weekly basis to provide support and information for the school community.   Referrals are confidential.  We have had many positive outcomes from this team and value the role it plays in the success of our students.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program encompasses both individual and group activities.  Students must be changed into appropriate clothing for physical education.  Students are allowed to wear shorts and a T-shirt or sweat pants and sweat shirts.  A student’s stomach and undergarments must not be visible.  All students must have sneakers.  Some sneakers with dark soles are not acceptable, as they mark the gym floor.  Please inquire if sneakers mark before purchasing new ones.

Discipline Procedures (Under Development)

Expectations regarding discipline will be shared with students at the beginning of the year.  Copies of these expectations and consequences for behaviour are available to students year round.


Hats are permitted at EWS.  Students will be expected to remove hats for assemblies.

Skateboards, Bicycles and Helmets

Skateboards are not to be used on school property during the school day.  If students bring skateboards to school, the skateboard is to be put immediately in their locker for the entire school day.  

Students riding bicycles to school are expected to lock their bicycles up when they arrive at school at the designated rack.  Students need to provide the lock for their bicycle.  Students are not permitted to ride their bicycles around school property at lunch.

When on school property, anyone on a skateboard or a bicycle must have a helmet on.  Be be cautious of people and vehicles when on skateboards or bicyles.

Cell Phone Policy

During this academic year, a continued focus will be to ensure the very best learning environment for all students. To support this goal, our staff has decided to prohibit the use of mobile phones during instructional time.

This decision was not made lightly and we will continue to educate our students about the appropriate uses of technology for educational purposes. The decision to prohibit the use of mobile phones during instructional time was based on the significant amount of research that has been conducted on the topic.  You can be assured that your child will continue to have access to technology in order to better support their learning as we have many devices. 

Our experience at East Wiltshire Intermediate is that mobile phones are highly distracting and are not always being used for educational purposes by our students. Please note that in the case of any special needs or family emergencies, we have a landline that is answered from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Listed below are the expectations regarding the use of mobile phones: 

  • Mobile phones are to be ‘off and away’ in lockers during all class times. If any phone is seen or heard in class, the student will be asked to  place their phone on the teacher’s desk. This will include phones tucked in clothing or in binders. 
  • In the first and second instances, students may pick up their phone from the teacher’s desk at the end of the class. Should there be a third occurrence, a call will be made home requiring a parent/guardian to discuss a plan to support this policy.
  • Students are still able to use their phones prior to school, during morning break, at lunch, and after school. We would appreciate it, should the need arise, that you contact your child during these times. These restrictions are in place at all other times.
Dance Rules

The dress code for school dances is the same as the school dress code.

Students are expected to abide by rules and decisions made by the staff and chaperones.

If, for some reason, a student will be late, he/she should see a vice-principal or the principal beforehand.  Once students leave the dance, they will not be permitted to return.

There is to be NO alcohol or drug use.  Any students who violate this rule will face a school suspension. Also, they will not be permitted to attend any school dances for a period of time to be determined by the administration.

No bus transfers on the day of a school dance will be permitted.

No kit bags will be permitted at the school dance.

Lockers will not be accessible during the school dance.

Students will not be permitted to smoke anywhere on school property.

In order to attend a dance, the student must attend school that day.  Students suspended from school since the previous dance may not be permitted to attend the next dance.

School dances are restricted to EWS students only.

Attendance at a school dance is a privilege, not a right.  Administration reserves the right to make the decision if a student is in violation of the school rules which may result in a year suspension of all dances and school activities.


Any person who is believed to be in violation of the Alcohol/Drug Rules or who is in a serious break of other EWS dance rules will be requested to call their parents/guardians to advise them that they are being removed from school property.  In cases where the law has been broken, the school authorities may request the police to deal with the situation.

Guidelines for School Attire

The Public Schools Branch has developed guidelines for school attire.  Commonly referred to as a school dress code, this information will be shared with students early in the year and will be available for review throughout the school year.

School Day and Telephone Numbers
Student Fees, Band Fees and Athletic Fees
 Assessment and Late Assignment Practice